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What is Working Equitation

Working Equitation is a versatile discipline in equestrian sports, in which the rider and horse show their level of dressage training in four different competitions, partly in combination with practical obstacles.
It originated in Southern Europe from the traditional working with cattle in countries such as Portugal, France, Italy and Spain. It is now a serious competitive sport worldwide. A sport in which rider and horse show their level of dressage training in four different competition parts, partly in combination with practical obstacles.
A Working Equitation competition consists of four parts: a dressage test, an obstacle course driven on style (the style trail), the same course but driven on time (speed trail) and the cattle driving. Novice combinations start with the dressage test and trail. The speed trail and the cattle work follow as the horse's training progresses.
Anyone who wants to train his / her horse in a practical playful way can work with Working Equitation. Maybe your horse is not that agile yet, light on the aids, or brave. You can make progress with any type of horse by training specifically in dressage. It does not matter what kind or type of horse you have.




Dressage tests
The Working Equitation dressage tests are a test for the coordination, harmony and cooperation between horse and rider.

Style trail

Obstacle course by style
Actually, you can see the obstacle course as a dressage competition, in which the exercises are not so much performed on certain letters, but in certain places between and in the obstacles.

Speed trail

Obstacle course on time
The obstacle course is driven on time, style is no longer important. Penalty seconds are added to the driving time for errors in the obstacles.


Work with cattle
This is done in teams of four riders and horses. Beginners take a pre-designated bovine from the herd and drive it away from the herd.
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