Style trail

Actually, you can see the obstacle course as a dressage competition, in which the exercises are not so much performed on certain letters, but in certain places between and in the obstacles.

Most obstacles are taken at a gallop, some at a walk. In that case, the obstacles must be 'approach' at a gallop, just before the obstacle a correct transition to walk must be made. Then the horse must step further into or through the obstacle, in order to make a correct transition to the gallop after the obstacle.
In the style course, a strict assessment is made of whether the horse is obedient and that the dressage exercises are carried out correctly and confidently, for example, it is very important that the horse actually steps in the step reprises, and does not dribble. It must also really stop motionless and relaxed during an exercise that requires halting.
Obstacles that can occur in the obstacle course are:
  • slalom (single or parallel)
  • three barrels
  • Figure-8 barrels
  • fence
  • bridge
  • ring stitches with the garrocha
  • jumped over straw bales / ditch
  • Side pass
  • Corridor with bell, straight, ā€œLā€
  • Livestock pen
  • The hat
  • slalom backward with swapping a cup
  • lift water bottle from a low table '

Stijltrail brug

Stijltrail brug

Stijltrail roundpen

stijltrail rondpen
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