working with cattle

The cattle work is driven individually and on time

The part is driven in a rectangle. The rectangle is divided into two equal halves by a line marked with two highly visible flags.
The allocation of a numbered cow is determined in advance by the jury without the riders knowing this in advance.
Before starting the cattle work, the organization must assign one or two riders (not participants) to settle the herd. The cattle are quietly moved for a maximum of 5 minutes under the supervision of the jury.

Driving the cattle takes the welfare of the cattle into account and it is not allowed to upset the animals. Driving and removing is done in peace.

The first half is called “parking zone”; 10 to 15 cattle are placed here, all of which are having a clearly visible identification. This half is opposite the entrance.
The second half is called “sorting zone”. Here the designated rind should be driven and kept separated for 15 seconds. The rest of the herd must remain in the parking zone. This time is kept with a separate digital stopwatch.
The run ends when the Head Jury rings the bell.
Participants are ranked according to the time they need to complete the run. At the end of the run, the competitor must bring the herd back into the parking zone.

Cattle Work certificate:

In the interest of animal welfare and for the education of the rider, a Cattle Work certificate is used based on clinics or results achieved. The Cattle Work certificate is issued by TREC club Netherlands, the clinics must be followed by the TREC club Netherlands  designated trainers.
Without a Cattle Work certificate, it is not possible to participate in the “Cattle Work” part.
The minimum age to obtain the Cattle Work cerfiticate is 12 years (on the day of participation). Youth riders may participate earlier in Cattle Workbovine clinics to practice, this is possible from 10 years (on the day of participation).
runderwerkMark met runderen
  • The delegate has 60 seconds to drive into the terrain
  • When the bell rings, the competitor has 60 seconds to cross the center line; when crossing this line, the jury starts measuring the time of the part.
  • The jury will designate the competitor to isolate the Cow after it has crossed the center line
  • Within 90 seconds, the competitor must separate the Cow from the rest of the herd and float in the sorting zone. The Cow must have crossed the centerline with all four legs
  • Young adult cattle are used
  • It is not only a game for the rider and horse, but the cows must also see it as a game
  • The importance and welfare of the cattle is always paramount
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